My name is Dr. Christine Tsakiris, and I’m a pharmacist with mostly hospital experience sprinkled with managed care and non-profit cred for additional flavor.  I’m unequivocally drawn to originality.  I read incessantly.  I don’t believe medication is always the best medicine.  And earlier this year, I left my full-time pharmacist position to devote myself to Curious Pharmacist and other endeavors.  Allow me to explain.

2014 was a turning point for me.  After six years in pharmacy, a poignant encounter with a diabetes patient in the hospital jolted me to the reality of my own life:  I had a one-way ticket to an unfulfilling career.  My journey into the pharmacy world had begun in everyone’s favorite college course, Organic Chemistry.  “O Chem” was the nucleophilic aromatic substitution that changed the stereochemistry in my bimolecular reaction if you know what I mean.  Well, maybe you don’t.  What I’m trying to say is that’s where my obsession with pharmaceutical science began, and it’s why I became a pharmacist.   The problem was, my career path had led me to patient care, not to the science.  Don’t get me wrong, taking care of patients is very gratifying, but it wasn’t what I had intended to do.  To add fuel to the fire,  I had a long list of goals on the back-burner I had yet to accomplish, and my job lacked the intellectual challenge and growth opportunities I craved.  But life is a series of choices, and I knew that if I wanted a more satisfying career, I had to make the choices to get there.  Soon after, I was able to position myself to ensure I was only investing my time and energy into work that aligned with my interests and goals.  And I had more free time to experiment with different opportunities that I never would have tried otherwise.

As a curious person and lifelong learner, I’ve noticed a funny thing about information:  it is almost always conflicting, and it is often manipulated or misinterpreted.  This is especially true for health information, but it’s a universal problem.  With so much information available now, researching any topic becomes a mixed bag.  This is why I believe the future lies not in obtaining information, but in becoming better at extracting what’s meaningful from it.  What concerns me is that many people lack the tools, patience and time to do so.  I’m a truth seeker.  I ask a lot of questions, and I enjoy the process of peeling back the layers to discover what’s underneath.  Curious Pharmacist will investigate various topics to uncover the story, and hopefully, the truth.  Most topics will be health-related, but I can’t promise I won’t spice it up with some psychology, finance or history.  Perspective is always on the menu here.

Curious Pharmacist is the product of my insatiably curious mind.  What can I say, knowledge is my drug of choice.  It’s also my way of incorporating writing into my career- something I’ve always wanted to do.  I don’t claim to know all the answers, but believe me, I’m always seeking them.  Human beings are complex, as is the world we live in, but we still owe it to ourselves to better understand who we are, our world, and our place in it.  So ask questions. Seek answers. Be curious.